Mountain Biker V’s Trail Runner

Summer is here with fantastic weather and temperatures forecast all week in Les Gets. Continuing our Monday morning Alpine Battle between Mountain Biker (Chris) and Trail Runner (Beth) we moved the battle ground over to Mont Chery. Starting from Mont Caly at 1445 metres above sea level, there’s a nice little loop the goes all the way around Mont Chery. The trail has some technical ups and downs, plus a few steep climbs and hair raising descents.

Chris got off to a flying start along the flat before a muddy bog and fallen down tree slowed him down. Quickly Beth took advantage and raced ahead. Beth put in a good lead, but Chris was soon back on her trail and racing side by side. Suddenly we came to a steep path down followed by a right angle turn over a stream and then straight into a big climb up on loose gravel and rocks. Beths constance pace took her back into the lead as Chris slipped out on the loose rock. We finished on a downward section of trail with stunning views overlooking Mont Blanc. Chris rode into the lead and over the finish line. That’s 1 to Chris and 1 to Beth from last week. Who will win next weeks challenge?

There are so many reasons to visit the French Alps this summer, including taking in the stunning scenery on bike trails, hiking or enjoying a refreshing swim in one of the lakes. Whatever the needs of your group, we have accommodation and advice to help you plan your best holiday yet. Contact RushAdventures today.