Road Cycling Holiday Tips and Advice

Whether you are planning to bring your own bike or hiring a bike in resort, it is worth while reading through this list to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your trip to the Alps cycling.

Bringing your own Bike:
Water bottles
Chamois cream
Saddle bag
Spare inner tubes x2
Puncture repair kit
Tyre levers
Multi tool
Cycling shoes
Spare set of brake pads
Waterproof pouch for phone
Bike lock
Heart Rate monitor

Hiring a Bike:
Your bike measurements
Cycling shoes
Water bottles
Chamois cream
Waterproof pouch for phone
Bike lock
Heart Rate monitor

Pre Holiday Administration:
Service your bike
Check insurance up to date
Check insurance covers cycling in the French Alps
Check passport expiry date
Tell your bank you are travelling

Cycling Clothes:
Bib shorts
Bib tights
Short sleeve cycling jerseys
Long sleeve cycling jerseys
Arm warmers
Leg Warmers
Windproof jacket with rear pockets
Rain jacket
Short gloves
Long gloves
Bandana, cap or buff

Energy drink powder and hydration tablets
Recovery drink powder

General Travel Items:
Swimming costume for lake swimming
Speedos for the Morzine swimming pool
Plastic bag for wets and dirties
Travel adapters for your phone
Compression clothing
Hand clothes wash
Sun cream
Insurance details (in case of emergency)

Note – it’s a good idea to take pedal and shoes in your hand luggage just in case your bike goes missing during the flight and you need to hire a bike in resort.

Bike Box Packing Tips:

If you are using a bike box to transport your bike, here’s some packing advice and tips:
1. Remove pedals –  use a pedal wrench to remove the pedals. Remember when putting them back on that the left pedal is left threaded, right pedal is right threaded. It’s simple to remember that the pedals undo in the opposite direction that your wheels go in. Some pedals can be removed with a size 6mm or 8mm Allen key.

2. Deflate wheels completely – when you’re taking out the rear wheel put the chain onto the smallest sprocket on the bike and the biggest on the front. By having the chain on the smallest gear at the back the rear wheel will clear the derailleur more easily. Placing the chain on the front big ring will protect the gears and your hands.

3. Remove seat post – marking the seat post with some tape will help you get it back on at the same height when you reassemble the bike.

4. Remove handlebar stem – sometimes it can be easier to take the front plate off and remove the handlebars. Always put the spacers and bolts back on so you don’t lose them.

5. Secure frame into Bike Box – place the bike into the bike box with the chain set adjacent to the hinge and the chain set facing away from you on the bottom of the bike box.

6. Secure seat pin/seat and crash hat into available Velcro straps – it’s useful to place some lightweight non essential items in the bike box such as your helmet.

7. Lay foam sheet over bike – check the closure is nice and tight.

8. Install anti crush pole if you have one – the spokes may need adjusting to allow alignment of the anti crush pole, just turn the front wheel around so the pole isn’t resting on your spokes.